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5 Things That Spoils Opportunities to Sell A Home

2013, a lot of decisions and preparation are about to begin. By the end of January, you have to start working upon your finances. We know that you are least bothered about the macroeconomic environment and you are not at all concerned how it affects the housing market.

You are just bothered to sell away your home. You want to sell the house close to the price you asked for. The problem stated here may not have anything to do with the economy. Instead, they are having the catch for the ideal buyers.

However, before you get into any kind of dealings this year, let us know are you making the similar kind of mistakes or not.

  1. Absence of Pictures

One of the best things is that you can do for your listing, is to include many pictures. It is good to post too many pictures of your home. However, do remember that they must show off your home in a way that is able to catch the buyer’s eye. If you are having the access to high quality phones, that will also work fine. If you are not having a phone, then seek help from the others. Take a quick look at the other people’s listing and see what kind of pictures they post to catch the eye of visitors. Try to take similar pictures, place the best shots at the beginning of the album on the listing site.

  1. Absence of Curb Appeal

If just like the other potential buyers, you scour the internet for listings, which falls within your criteria, then get in the car and drive by the home. If it looks nice from the outside, then you give the schedule date for the showing. The beautifully remodeled kitchen will only be seen in the picture, if your home misses the curb appeal. Keep the trees trimmed, fertilize your lawn and replace those age-old exterior lights and put some extra works to landscaping. You have to impress your buyers just by the look of your house from outside, before they step inside the house.

  1. Application of Bad Text

The text that you give below the listing is very important beside the picture. If you are able to use a little bit of creativity then go for it. Just stay away from the cliché and outlandish claims. You should not write quotes like” the best home in the market”, “the perfect home for your family” it is not possible to determine any of the statement, if you have never met the reader.

It is better to say that, the neighborhood is well suited for the children, you are having the provision of remodeling kitchen and bathroom, the home has quick access to the airport. As the text is limited, so try to express yourself to the fullest.

  1. Too Low Price

Pricing a home is too difficult and many of us know that if pricing is too high it does not produce any kind of offer. Once you are able to price it, then it becomes to rise because it may wrongly attract streams of bargain buyers. The one who is unqualified may take off the home for weeks or longer. These kinds of buyers may also result in taking longer to sell your home that you priced it at the market.

  1. Stepping into Other’s Home for Showing

This is the most awkward mistake that often the home sellers make. Buyers walk into your home with your agent only to find that the homeowner is still living there. You will not be able to speak to the agent comfortably. Most important when the owners are present with their dog and children buyers cannot picture the home as their own.

When you are scheduling for a show clean the house, take the family out to lunch if you come back and see a car run some errands. Do not allow the potential buyer to see until the sales closes.

It is not possible on your part to control the economy, the housing market, their price, and even the quality of the neighbors. However, they are some parts in the listings that you can obviously control. For selling a home in a challenging housing market, you need to make your home look exactly stunning and polished.

The best and the most important advice are to avoid these 5 mistakes when you decide to sell off your home. As the year has just begun this is the ideal time to sell of your house with some eye-catching prices.

Author’s Bio: Benny Harold is an investor and mortgage broker who deals in real estates in and outside the USA. He also lends real estate advice to major outsourced call centers to find their ideal location for office places.