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Essential design rules for purchasing name badges Brisbane for your employees

It is crucial for any business to have name tags for each of their employees. This is important when it comes to the productiveness and the success of your business. Name badges make it easier for customers to approach staff, they make employees feel more comfortable, and they offer a branding opportunity as well.

When purchasing your name badges Brisbane based you will need to concern yourself with the design of each tag. This is something which is very important. After all, as mentioned; branding is one of the key benefits associated with the purchasing of name badges. Therefore, you need your identification tags to be clear, effective and impressive on the eye in order to brand effectively.

Never use complicated fonts

It can be very tempting to go for curved fonts or those that are curled on the edges. There are lots of beautiful handwritten fonts which can be downloaded nowadays. However the problem is that, whilst these fonts may be lovely to look at, they are impossible to read on first glance. You need to pick a clear and easily legible font. If the person’s name cannot be read on first glance then change the font until it can be. Basic fonts are always the best.

Use your business’ colors

The name badges Brisbane you order need to be in keeping with the current style of your business. When branding everything needs to be consistent with each other in order to be effective – this applies to everything from your business cards, to your shop sign, to your website. You should utilize your business colors, keep the same theme, and even incorporate your logo as part of the design if it fits in properly.

Opt for a plan background

Where the individual’s name is going to be displayed, the background needs to be one plain block color. Do not incorporate patterns or alike. The reason why this is important is because if you overcomplicate the background then you are going to make it difficult for people to read the writing on the tag. This does not mean that you have to avoid patterns and different shades altogether, it simply means that you need to have at least a rectangular section cut out for the name which is one solid color. This color needs to be contrasting from the color of the font.

Don’t over complicate things

And, last but not least, make sure you keep things simple. It can often be very tempting to try and incorporate as many different things into your name badge as possible. However, you need to remember that if something doesn’t fit, then it simply can’t work. Incorporate the name, the job title, and the logo if possible. Anything else should be considered with the greatest scrutiny.

If you follow these four basic design rules then you should have no problem purchasing the best name badges Brisbane for your company and your employees. Remember; keep it simplistic, use easy to read fonts, keep to a block background, and do not stray away from your business’s theme or colors.

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