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Gluten-Free Cakes and Vegan Biscuits at Wholesale Bakeries

With rising health consciousness, there are people who have turned their eating habits to gluten-free vegan dieting in order to be healthy and be free from celiac disease. This article talks about the change in preparation methods of bakeries to gluten free cakes and vegan biscuits and sourdough breads.

Most of us like eating cakes and other bakery products for the taste they possess. However, it has been surveyed that almost 2 people in every 500 suffer from celiac disease. This disease is deadly because it damages the inside layer of the small intestine and prevents it from absorbing parts of food that help you stay healthy. This happens due to the reaction cause by eating gluten rich foods like wheat, oats, rye, barley and more.

There have also been quite an outsized percentage of people who suffer from sensitivity, constipation, indigestion, allergy and intolerance with food due to gluten. Thus most wholesale bakeries in Australia have come up with a concept of gluten free cakes. People here have also started following strict vegan diet to restrict the intake of gluten. Thus wholesale bakeries have started producing vegan biscuits which taste delicious although they are vegan.

There had been a strong belief that sticking to a gluten free vegan diet would considerably reduce the options on the bakery menu card. However, wholesale bakeries have proved it to be wrong with producing gluten free cakes and vegan biscuits. In fact, there are many who are also shifting to the traditional methods of preparing breads and bakery dough. This is known as sourdough method where bakery products are made from long fermentation making use of naturally occurring yeast.

Not everybody can adapt to this taste because, as the name suggests, it’s sour bread. In today’s time, you won’t find many sourdough bakeries in Australia, although there are people who still cherish the taste of sourdough breads. Keeping the taste issues and health issues in mind the wholesale bakeries have started baking gluten-free cakes for cake lovers and vegan biscuits for those who are on a vegan diet. So, for those of you who suffer from a gluten allergy and have adopted the new gluten free vegan diet, this turns out to be good news.

No more upset stomach, constipation and indigestion will be cause on consumption of your favourite biscuit or cake. Moreover, wholesale bakeries also take bulk orders for preparation of gluten-free cakes for events and parties. Internet is one place you can search for a wholesale or sourdough bakery nearby your locality. It is necessary you choose a genuine baker so that you know what you are eating is absolutely genuine and would definitely cause no harm, no matter what! It is definitely a great time to enjoy some rich, delicious cake and vegan biscuit for every occasion.