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5 Reasons why VoIP is Awesome for Small Businesses

Let’s be honest here, being a small business owner competing against corporate giants is really hard. This is why you really need to leverage every advantage you can get your hand on. One of these advantages is VoIP. One problem that big businesses often have is that they are set in their ways. But this is how you can get ahead a bit, by going with new systems such as VoIP that have a tremendous amount of benefits over traditional phone systems. A few examples follow.

1-Great International Rates
Many small businesses will want to do business overseas since if you’re posting your store front on the Internet, for example, this is something that you’ll have to do for shipping internationally. This is often a good approach since it can be much harder to compete with larger corporation in whatever area you happened to be located. VoIP services are well known for offering fantastically cheap rates internationally, especially when compared to more traditional approaches.

2-User Friendly System
It’s pretty important to have a system that’s easy for your employees to handle. Confusing phone systems lead to a lot of problems, hassles, and delays in the long run. For example, the VoIP system gets rid of crazy codes with the # sign for doing call forwarding, for example. A lot of the extra features like the forwarding system for getting calls from the work desk to a cellphone can be confusing in traditional systems. Small businesses may not have as much time or money to train employees on complicated systems, after all.

Traditional systems, including both landlines and cellphones run through a business network tend to be very locked in time and place. Small businesses especially can hardly afford exorbitant roaming charges. As far as point to point calls are concerned when both sides are using the same service, employees can use any place in the world that has access to broadband Internet. This is a serious advantage for small operations and it allows a lot of versatility when it comes to letting employees travel around on their business without hassle or added costs beyond what is reasonable.

4- Extra Functions
Another serious benefit to going with a VoIP provider is that you end up with a much wider range of functionality then with many traditional business phone solutions. For example, many VoIP services allow for things like videoconferencing that offer significant flexibility to a business. After all, there are some things that are hard to relate simply over the phone, and being able to talk it out visually can be a great boon.

5-Overall Cost
VoIP services tend to have a serious advantage over traditional services when it comes to how much they cost overall. This is partly because the services can take advantage of pre-existing systems such as those online instead of having to maintain new ones. This means that especially if you use Wi-Fi or something that doesn’t have bandwidth costs that are very high you will end up way ahead of other businesses using traditional systems as a small business owner.