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Chase Your Dream of Getting Green Card through the DV Lottery Program

Three years ago, more than 15 million applicants applied in the Diversity Visa (DV) Lottery Program, which is the biggest ever registration recorded in the history of the DV lottery.

Each year, almost one million immigrants become citizens of America, which is equal to the number of illegitimate immigrants coming to America per annum. According to the rough estimation, there are over 30 million illegal immigrants in America. Despite the global economics crisis, still US is considered as the land of opportunity for most of the people in the world.

The US means a ray of hope for a bright future and a chance to follow one’s dream in absolute freedom. Although the economy in US is still recovering from history’s worst recession, people are coming to the US.

Well there are different ways available for people to get green card in US, but one of the most popular and demanding ways is the Diversity Visa (DV) lottery program. There are few simple but strict requirements of eligibility to partake in the Visa lottery program. Being selected in the DV lottery program does not mean that you would be granted a Green Card automatically. The visa lottery program annually provides 50,000 Green Cards to the candidates though they select more than 100,000 applicants. The reason is that less than 30% of the selected candidates correctly complete the process.

Common Mistakes Made by the DV Lottery Applicants:

Winners of DV lottery program have to submit different governmental forms after filling them and go through a medical exam. They are also required to attend a comprehensive interview with a US consulate. After the interview, selected candidates have to clear a security background check. If all these things are ok then selected candidates will get a visa immigration number.

However, more than 70% of the candidates fail to complete the process properly, as they misunderstand the instructions given on the governmental forms. They make errors while completing their applications. Spelling mistakes in names, discrepancies, and inconsistent responses in forms cause major delays and become the reasons of rejection. Other mistake that they make in this process is that they send forms and documents after due date or to the wrong address.

Many candidates do not provide the documents of their education or work experience and some do not provide police reports. Some miss the scheduled DV lottery program interview for green card.

Therefore, in order to enhance your chances of getting a green card after being selected in the DV lottery program, complete the process with great care and attention. Otherwise, you will have to face delays or even rejection. This process takes two years to be completed. Registration is open for DV-2015, so apply for it after getting complete information.