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Exotic and Vibrant Eau De Parfum

Most of the perfumeries use 100% botanical or natural ingredients in Eau De parfum. Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation of stem, flowers, roots, barks etc. Rich in active ingredients are used in aromatherapy products.

Active ingredients to use in eau de parfum have been taken from the plants and perfumeries that have time tested knowledge about aromapathy essential oils, plant butter oils, floral waters, extracts, powders, kernels, and barks with total of more than 200 essential ingredients.

Eau De parfum come in different strengths like each perfume is 40% fragrance to the base and each eau de parfum is 25% fragrance to base. The perfume types are decided by the concentration present in the perfum. Richness and longevity in the scent can be obtained by keeping the concentration high.

Eau de parfum is ideal for evenings and special occasions. Each scent is unique and special and comes in different fragrances like rose, jasmine, cedar, cherry bloosm, myrtle etc.

This perfume is used in room spray, aroma candle, home perfume diffuser to give fragrance to the house which helps in greeting the guests and eliminating the odor. These fragrances are exceptionally long lasting that can relax the body and soul.