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Five Ways to Ensure Your Employees Are Pulling Their Weight

As you frantically finish typing an email whilst eating your lunch before moving on to a marathon list of phone calls to make, it can sometimes feel as if your to-do list is never ending. If you run your own business and you have employees, it really is important to make sure that everyone’s workload is equal and that there aren’t a few heavyweights carrying a lot of lightweights along.

So, how do you make sure that everyone on your payroll is pulling their weight? Depending on the type of business you run, it isn’t always possible to monitor output. For example, many of your employees may spend much of their time in meetings or making phone calls, so you don’t always have tangible evidence of how much work they’ve completed every day. Others may produce documents or make products, making it a little easier to monitor. But there are a few ways you can manage your staff’s productivity, making sure everyone is doing their bit.

1.Try installing controlled access door entry systems. This means that everyone has to swipe in and out of the office, so you always know who’s in and who’s out. It’s great for fire regulations but also helps you keep an eye on who’s having an extra-long lunch regularly. Of course, everyone is entitled to a break, but if they’re constantly away from the office for no good reason, this is a good way of tackling the issue.

2.Ask everyone in the office to keep a timesheet. Whether you can operate a system of allocating job numbers to specific tasks or you can install designated software for staff to log their hours onto, it’s a great way of seeing how everyone is spending their time, whilst also making sure your jobs aren’t going over budget.

3.Keep the lines of communication open. Make sure that everyone knows exactly what their job role is and what is expected of them. If you think someone isn’t pulling their weight, you need to address it face to face. At this stage, it isn’t really about chastising them, as it’s about motivating them and making sure they know how important they are.

4.Offer lots of training. You may be a whiz with the new computer software, but some people may take a little longer to pick things up, especially if they’ve been doing things a certain way for a long time. Keep everyone well aware of how things work and you’ll have a happy, productive workforce.

5.Conduct regular reviews. One-to-ones or personal development reviews are a key part of any job. This is an excellent way of giving your employees some targets, as well as praising them for things they’ve done well in their role.

Penelope Hall is an HR expert who regularly writes and blogs on a range of related topics, from holiday pay to using controlled access door entry systems to monitor employees. She specialities in how to manage timekeeping and break times using a range of methods.