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Office Synergy: Keeping It Together

Of all the resources needed for successful business enterprise, office space will probably draw heaviest on your financial commitments. Choosing accommodation that is right for your business presents an opportunity to stand back and review how office space can work harder for you. In turn, these reviews drive choices that help to establish success and stability in a fiercely competitive environment.

Choosing the Right Office Space

You should recognise the value of location and its reputation in choosing your office space. Have a clear brief: understand your requirements before deciding on either a turnkey solution or starting from scratch. Appreciate the needs of staff and potential clients by viewing the new location as they might do. Research the proposed site from a range of perspectives – from the reliability of public transport to the impact of nearby competitors or prospects of future land development. Consider road links and parking facilities together with the availability of everyday amenities such as banks and cafes, for example.

Branding Your Office Space

A well-designed website may well have been your clients’ first introduction to your business. By synchronising this experience with the continuation of your organisation’s branding in your office, visual and psychological impressions already experienced by your clients are enhanced. Your logo on the wall is only the start. Branding reflects a company’s image, so elements of consistency between the identity system used on your website and the actual physical space that is your office will serve to reinforce brand identity for staff and clients alike. From the start, draw on a concept which explains your business and promote it through the design of both your published material and your office. Use this to connect entrance spaces and continue it into waiting areas. Have it flow through corridors and onward into the productive areas of your business arena.

Promote Motivation and Inspiration

Your office says a lot about the value you put on employees, so dreary office environments should be a thing of the past. Motivated staff are generally full of energy and enthusiasm, which is inspiring to others. Foster an open culture by creating spaces in which staff can be spontaneous and collaborative. Ease of communications and the sharing of ideas also boost productivity. If appropriate, consider the provision of meeting spaces away from the hub of the main office that do not involve doors and which do not necessarily alienate staff and clients from the rest of the floor entirely. At their simplest, these spaces could be on landings that connect open office spaces, in atriums, behind large bookshelves or even on office balconies. With a carefully considered combination of natural and task-driven lighting, these spaces can be innovative and stimulating.

By asking questions about the right type of office space for your business at the outset, you will find that your decisions are more informed. If you are looking forĀ office space in Minories, for example, you will find that local agents can provide you with a good range of options.