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Understanding The Importance of Education in Today’s World


Education can be defined as “the transfer of knowledge, skills, experience and habits from one person to another through training, teaching, research and autodidacticism.”

Generally, education is transmitted from generations to generations through books that are taught in schools and other institutions. However, many types of education (close protection training etc) cannot be transmitted through books and need practical training and practice.

Education is one of the most important things today. Actually, the need for education is on a continuous rise. With educated countries doing continuously improving in this regard, the gap for uneducated countries is continuously widening. This gap puts even more pressure on uneducated countries to up their game and match pace with the educated countries.

This is one of the reasons why every nation tries to achieve a high literacy rate. Nonetheless, there are several other benefits of education that are explained below.


To Self and Family

  1. High Standard of Living

Education is directly related to a high standard of living. Generally, uneducated people find it difficult to take giant leaps as far as standard of living is concerned. They need education that brings them opportunities that give them a chance to grow.

  1. Job Opportunities

Almost every job requires some kind of education or knowledge. One needs to have relevant degrees or skills to be able to secure a job. All such knowledge is gathered through education that may come in any form.

  1. Respect

In today’s world, education and respect go hand in hand. Educated people are generally respected by society and rest on a higher hierarchy as compared to those that are uneducated.

  1. Happiness

Many experts argue that in today’s world happiness and education are interlinked. Education brings things that are directly linked with happiness, such as money and respect.

To Society

  1. Low Crimes

Many people are of the view that reasons that are associated with low crimes (poor standard of living, lack of opportunities etc) are a direct result of a lack of education. Crime rate is generally higher in countries with lower literacy rate, which is a testament to the fact that education results in low crimes.

  1. Healthy Society

Generally, educated people have a sense of everything from what to eat, how to behave etc. They learn from their day to day activities and help towards improving society as a whole.

  1. Successful Economy

Countries that are educated find it easy to find success. This is why countries like Japan, America and Israel are enjoying vigorous economies. A great number of people in these countries are educated and able to contribute to the economy’s development and growth that result in a successful economy.

  1. More Avenues

When people are educated there are more avenues and options at their disposal. Technological advancements, stability, growth, and society’s happiness are all linked to education in one way or another.


There are no two opinions on the importance of education. Fortunately, most people and nations have realized its importance and are working hard towards improving literacy rate. However, still in some countries, orthodox ideas and methods of education exist. There is a dire need to come up with strong and workable solutions.

Organizations like the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) and United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are working towards improving the scenario. Nonetheless, the responsibility to seek education falls on every shoulder.

Harry Hill is a teacher working for a big organization that provides education in rural areas. He believes that one needs to have every kind of education including literature, arts and close protection training. He is of the view that education is the only thing that can help this world be a better place.