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Guide to Choosing an Ideal Nail Gun for Personal Usage

Nail guns are used for very different needs compared to other tools used in home usage. There are no multi-purpose guns available out there in the market. In fact, different nail guns are meant for different specific tasks. So, it becomes important that you know the functionality of each one of them before you buy a nail gun that fits all your needs.

Following are the different kinds of nail guns available in the market:


  1. Sliding and roofing nail guns: These nail guns are meant for sliding and roofing purposes. They are capable of storing nails in large numbers and are meant for specific tasks such as roofing and sliding. These guns are normally coil type.

  2. Finish nail guns: They are also called as brad or pin guns. These are meant for tightening the small nails that are of finish-type into the smaller objects. This equipment is normally very small in size and light weight compared to something like framing guns, and they are meant mostly for trimming or finishing work. These are normally sick-type.

  3. Framing nail guns: They are used in driving bigger nails of box type into the big wooden pieces. They are normally bulky and are of sick-type. There are very few coil type nail guns that are available with this particular feature.

 So, it becomes important that you carefully decide about the kind of nail gun you need. Take into consideration some of the reviews below that can help you in zeroing in on the kind of gun you need for your works.

1. Depth adjustment- Most nail guns come with the feature of regulating the power that is needed to drive the nail deeper into something. This gives the advantage of not ending up with a nail too deep into something or sticking out of a particular surface. Many nail guns out there automatically carry out this adjustment while some require manual adjustment. So you get to adjust the force of the nail gun to get precise and better quality results.

2. If you require a lot of nails to be nailed in, consider picking a nail gun with huge storing capacity and the one that is flexible in terms of loading the nails into the gun. Buying a tool, precisely for your needs, will save a lot of time and money and not doing so can result in a lot of precious time wasted.

3. As and when a nail is driven deeper in an object, the gun expels air. This is an awesome feature in few of the guns, which helps in preventing the drilling dust from entering your nose or ear.

4. Using nail guns in winter can be a little tricky as you need proper gloves on your hands. So it becomes important that the trigger of your gun is big enough to not give you any kind of inconvenience while using it with the gloves on.

5. Another point that you need to take care of, is avoiding the tangling of your air hose, and for this, it becomes important to keep moving around frequently with the nail gun in hand.

Before making a purchase, visit a good number of hardware tools shops to enquire more about various products and learn more about the one you need. Alternatively, you may surf the internet, which will again give you a lot of insight before you buy your nail gun. Browsing through dozens of products is always far easier than visiting dozens of hardware shops in your locality.

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