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Guide to the extraction and utilization of Landfill gas

The extraction of the landfill gases are widely in use for the purpose of construction at home. These are effective environmental remediation which is also being used with the Leachate system.

What is landfill gas?

Landfill gases are the resultant product of chemical reaction or by the action of microbes on wastes. In this process the waste materials starts breaking down in landfill. The production rate is evaluated and depends on the waste composition as well as on the landfill geometry that influences the population of bacteria in it. It is also influenced by biological eco system, physical conditions, thermal range etc which co exists with the sites simultaneously. The heterogeneity with the nature of contents that is mostly unclear can make the production of landfill gases together which are difficult to control and predict than the standard bio reactors of the industrial treatment of sewage.

How to use the landfill gas

While installing the extraction well you can select the depth and breadth of the bore holes in diameter and feet respectively which are undertaken for the extraction of methane gas. To have compliant landfills many gases such as methane are being produced out of the organic wastes and their decomposition. The decomposition of the organic wastes should be managed and captured very carefully and efficiently in order to produce the gases in a proper way.

Products and services supporting landfill extraction

You can also get a wide range of offers in various designs related to landfill, maintenance services, installation services which are available for both the active as well as passive condensation and collection of gas.

These gases are being used in many households as a process of recycling the waste materials and products in the landfill.

Steps for landfill extraction

Some of the recommended steps to be followed which extracting gases from the landfill are as follows –

  • Extraction gas from the landfill – it should be well drilled with a standard depth of 120 feet and a diameter of 36 inches in general.

  • Conveyance of landfill gases –the installation and trenching should be of good piping products with the use of valve vaults, knockout pots, and drip legs for condensation. Horizontal trenches for gas collection are most popular in these cases.

  • Management of landfill gases – the flare stations should be enclosed to avoid any accident though the utility of flare stations are highly recommended.

  • Management of leachate – the proper management of the leachate is required with proper collection trenches, pump stations, conveyance lines, treatment and storage.

Safe measures to be followed at the time of extraction and installation

To avoid the problems relating to the contamination of leachate or ground water control perimeter walls for cut off are being used by various types of useful walls such as cement betonies wall, soil betonies wall etc. Safety measures should be taken strictly in order to avoid any accident at the time of installation. It is a costly process which needs high investment.

Designs of the drilling extraction

The drilling must be designed well and the construction of it should be done with using proper materials which are designed specifically for withstanding the corrosive environment. The installation should also be done well headed with sample ports, integrated valves, devices for flow measurement; thermometer etc. vertical system for venting is advised in most of the cases.

Alternative safe guard solutions for construction

For alternative power generating plants of methane power is more in use at the time of construction. The use of landfill gases also has influence over the climatic changes which takes place in the nearby areas. The major components of the landfill gases are mostly methane and carbon dioxide.

The gases which are being produced from landfill are collected as well as flared off to use in producing electricity and heat. There is also a collection system of landfill gases which not only collects but also compresses, dries, and cools the gases in pipelines. The gases are then used for powering ethanol plants.

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