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How to Build In Cost Effective and Environment Friendly Option

Building a home or any commercial building is always set the same priority. You will need to consider on the building ability to meet different challenge. Durability will be the point that you have to keep in mind. In some point, it can be support with technical application and calculation.  The other point will be related with the cost to cover when you choose certain method to be applied on the building. It is worth to note that costly building method is not always set the guarantee for better building quality. You will need to learn the detail that makes the building process can be so costly. Any slow working process as example is not closely related with the building quality directly. You will need to consider the material cost for the building in detail to find out any reasonable explanation. In certain point, reducing certain material application also set the possibility for less cost to be applied on the building plan.

Portland cement alternatives

If you are interested in using less Portland cement, you will need to consider Portland cement alternatives. You can use the ROADBOND EN 1 to enrich your Portland cement usage. You can save for about 40% up to 50%. It is interesting that you will not get the building strength into lower level. Once you have it as the alternative, you will get these benefits:

  • You will be able to decrease the carbon and environmental impact. This is set by the fact that you are using less Portland cement.

  • Compared with the ordinary method, you will get less 25% to 35% spending on the stabilizer need.

  • It is possible to get less reflective and block cracking spot.

  • You will need less water usage during the application

  • Since Portland cement is needed by many, this alternative will help you to keep the schedule running without too much delivery waiting. It will help you to cut extra spending for the worker cost.

The application of ROADBOND EN 1 is all that you need to set a cost effective building plan. Just as stated previously, the cost can be set by the material value and also other misc problem. When you are only taking Portland cement for your building need, any empty stock will means extra time to wait. You will keep paying the worker despite of the fact that no real building process is done. This waiting process will add the time needed. And that will be another cost that you will need to calculate in the end. In more philosophical level, using the Portland cement only will take more natural resource than you can imagine. Whether the industry already set the most advanced method or not, it is a grave reality that the mine for Portland cement industry support is not always leave a good environmental end point. The damage soil has made it difficult to grow more plant around. So, if you want to have a real green building, you can start it by using less Portland cement for your building.

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