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Making a warehouse a home

Warehouses are the unsung heroes of commercial premises; they play an incredibly important role in many companies’ operations, but all too often they are little more than a draughty, echoing metal space in which to store items before they are ready to ship out to customers.

It doesn’t take much, however, to turn a warehouse into a location that’s as much a part of your company as your head office, and which can often be very nearly as comfortable to work in, too.

Don’t neglect your warehouse staff simply because their role is a little more ‘industrial’ than your office workers; take a forward-thinking approach to your storage unit, and help to make all of your employees feel more at home.

Economising on maintenance

First of all, think about how you are going to cover the running costs of your warehouse for the long term; simply maintaining a large building can be relatively expensive, particularly if severe weather causes any damage to it.

By seeking warehouses to let Wimbledon firms can insulate themselves against such repair bills, as well as finding recently built warehouse space that’s just the right size to meet your needs, with the option of renting more in the future as your business grows.

Look into the insulation – if any – installed on the site. You may not need to heat your warehouse, but in the depths of winter it could become difficult to work in there for an entire shift (especially a night shift) if there’s no heating or insulation, and it’s below freezing outside.

Looking the part

You often see companies’ storage depots from the motorway, partly because it makes sense for them to be located close to a major transport route, and it’s worth drawing some inspiration from them in terms of how to decorate your own facility.

Although nobody is expecting your warehouse to be an architectural marvel, it may be possible to paint it in your company colours, and add a logo, company name or other branding to the exterior.

Inside, if you are ever likely to allow potential clients on-site, you might want to take a brand-sensitive approach to organising the space too, even if it’s just down to the typeface and colour scheme used on any signage.

Home comforts

If temperature control seems like a worthy investment, then you might want to go further and install some more home comforts in your warehouse – particularly if the goods you have to store are not as industrial as is often the case.
Even fairly simple wall and floor coverings can help to cut down on echoes and make a large space feel generally more comfortable to work in, while a combination of directional lighting can remove that feeling of being starkly lit by overhead neon, raising employee happiness levels and potentially their productivity too.

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