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Car Garage Investment

When investing in real estate, most of the people are considering to invest their money in flats, apartments, houses or prime lend developing. Although these options are great there are so many others alternatives. One of the best businesses in this market is financing or investing in the public car garages.

For the new investors we would like to point some features which are not a common knowledge.

  1. Most of the people need fifteen to twenty square meters living space. It is common for a family of four to live in a 75 or 80 square meters apartment. Car need only eight to ten square meters for parking.
  2. Car garage only needs a floor, walls and supporting pillars. Apartment building needs the same but also insulation, cable wiring, water installations, heating and cooling. Regulations for building apartment building are more expensive to meet than multi store car garage.
  3. In the same space where investor can build an apartment for a family, can fit 7 to 10 parking slots. Simple math can show you that renting or selling these parking lots can bring you same or more money than renting or selling the apartments with the same square space.
  4. Urban development needs not only apartment buildings but also parking space. Therefore applying for building a multi storey car garage with the local authorities can be more welcomed than applying and bidding for the apartment building lot.
  5. Walls of the public car parking can be used as a prime advertising space. If the car parking is in the densely populated area this source of income can be important part of the basic business plan. Apartment building walls cannot be used for advertising. There are many advertisers which will be interested to have advertising space on the big and flat multi storey parking building. It is needless to mention the large automotive brands, vehicle oil producers, tire manufacturers, all types of car accessories shops and of course companies which are offering car finance and car loans.
  6. Additional businesses can be setup in the multi floor car parking like car washing station, car battery point and even a small car accessory shop.

We hope this reasons was more than investors need in order to find alternative to the common investment options.