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‘Green’ style increases new expert Professionl Indemnity Insurance plan risks

Nowadays, what has become known as ‘green’ development and designs has taken the interest of government authorities and the community as well. But they have also designed new expert professional indemnity insurance coverage difficulties, mostly because of the use of new technology and components that have not yet been examined over time. One of the key issues being that style experts will not be able to use one of the defences generally implemented in carelessness situations – i.e. that a particular item or procedure has always proved helpful in previous times.

As revealed in an content on, a number of different opinions and suggestions are being canvassed across the expert indemnity insurance coverage market. But unless, or until, particular plans are designed to cope with this growing scenario, it would appear to be the case that some very cautious underwriting, depending on some very cautious asking, is still known as for.