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Quick tips about bridging loan finance

Understanding how a bridging loan works is the key to making the most of this kind of finance!

  • Your situation could be that you just want a UK Bridging Loan Fast! If you would like to complete the application in a short timescale like forty eight hours, then keep in mind your own professionals like your solicitor should be available. Most of the required background work will need to have been already completed to reach the deadline!
  • Loans below £100k might attract premium rating as bridging firms need a minimum return to create any specific deal worth while.
  • Lenders will prefer to provide a loan with the fees and interest for his or her minimum term subtracted from the initial advance.

Hints and tips for applying

Here are four facts to think about when you are applying for a bridging loan.

  • A reasonable bridging loan is one Lent against price.
  • If you would like to receive a higher loan amount, arrange to borrow against the open value of your property.
  • If you’re a property developer looking for a bridging loan on general loan to worth ratios you will be eligible for mezzanine finance.
  • A larger bridging loan is additional value effective than a little one. You can roll-up the interest payments however keep in mind the total growing interest that needs to be paid back once your property sells.

Bridging loans to get you started

Not all property is equal in the eyes of different lenders – we’re invariably seeing borrowers who are struggling to finance a restoration, complete a land buy or take their first steps into a new property investment project.

Bridging loans tend to be more flexible than a mortgage when it comes to industrial or residential property projects. With so many people attempting to get into buy-to-let, it may be an excellent selection if your shoppers are already landlords, or if you represent investors wanting to make portfolios – and it’s one amongst the few choices left for persons looking to shop for bedraggled properties for full renovation.

We believe that brokers should be adding a true string to their bow by providing bridging loans as a part of their loaning portfolio – in the end, they may provide you access to a full range of latest loan offers!


We all admire those who’ve created it on their own. Your shoppers will be their own boss, however finding funding to seize a short-term business or property opportunity will usually be hard.

A lot of high street lenders have tightened their criteria and procedures in recent years, which means that for many types of borrowers this isn’t a viable option for getting funds quickly for a business improvement.

Bridging finance from specialist lenders is completely different – it will work with borrowers with either a good or bad credit status, and for industrial, semi-commercial or business loans. So if you are a freelancer, sole trader, or in a partnership, you will be amazed at what’s offered.