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Compact Wall Hung Toilets and Mirror Radiators – Trendy and Convenient

The rise in apartment culture has made modern day house owners adjust in ready to move flats with tiny bathrooms. These bathrooms have bulky bath fittings that consume a lot of space. But refurbishing them with the right bathroom fitments like wall mounted toilets and mirrored radiators can make small toilets look neat yet contemporary.

A small bathroom deprives a house owner of the liberty to fix bulky bathroom fitments unlike a large roomy bathroom which can have huge shower cabinets and bath tubs. Yet small sized bathrooms can be made to look equally stylish with the right bathroom accessories and fitments in place. Wall hung toilet and stylish designer mirror radiators are some unique fitments that are apt for small sized bathrooms.

Wall hung toilets for small bathrooms:

Being compact and as user friendly as a regular toilet has made these fitments a popular choice among house owners and hoteliers. The best part about them is that all the unsightly pipes, tanks and drains are hidden within the wall making the bathroom look neat and tidy. Furthermore, these bowls do not touch the floor making the task of cleaning the toilet hassle free. Thus, wall hung toilets not only save space but also the design assists in keeping the bathroom uncluttered and hygienic. Best part is that amongst the wall hung toilet, there are space-saving designs that have been conceptualised in Europe. These wall hung toilet variants have smaller dimensions than the regular ones. Maintaining these toilets is no different from traditional toilets.

Available in a wide range of design and colour options, the wall hung toilets can compliment any type of bathroom interior. Some of them have an interesting feature and that is the irresistible soft closing toilet seat. Art deco variants have a traditional make with a contemporary touch that fit well into both contemporary and traditional toilettes. Many Italian made variants come in factory finish perfection in various colours with ceramic recessed that can be wallpapered or painted on request.

Mirror radiators for small bathrooms:

It is time to get rid of that old hulking repulsive radiator from a small bathroom. House owners know that using mirrors make cramped spaces look roomy. This fundamental idea can be applied to a bathroom as well. Apart from the regular wall mirror or mirrored wall rack on top of the wash basin, one can use a mirrored heating radiator to get that extra spacious feel. Not only do these contemporary radiators look chic, but also their wall mounted design saves floor space. Mirrored and glass heating radiators are available in several sizes as well as decorative vertical, minimalist, mirage and clear glass designs. The finishes include silver and bronze alternatives. These radiators offer a condensation free viewing in steamy bathrooms. They can also be fitted with an optional towel hanging bar that can be used to warm up bath towels while taking a shower. When used as a central heating set up in a small bathroom, they offer good outputs.

Most of these products come with a guarantee from British manufacturers or the suppliers. So refurbishing a small bathroom into a cosy looking retreat is easy with such contemporary bathroom accessories and fitments. Therefore, without compromising on artistry, small bathrooms can be made serviceable with wall mounted toilets and mirrored heating radiators.

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