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How to Protect Your Wooden Home from Pesky Termites

How many of us haven’t dreamt of a house made entirely out of wood? That beautiful chestnut color would fill anyone’s eyes with the most exquisite golden feel. And yes, after having the house designed, having bought some land in the most idyllic of settings, having built the foundation you begin fearing the nemesis of wood: termites. Because you begin seeing your dream house being eaten away by these obnoxious critters and suddenly the dream home is no longer a dream but somewhat of a nightmare. There are, however, many things you can do to minimize the risk of termite infestation and we will list only a few.

  • First and foremost, be sure there is no contact between the wood and the ground. Even if this may sound counter-intuitive, direct earth-to-wood contact will provide these unwanted guests with the perfect access to food, shelter and moisture. Even if this may mean pulling soil back from the foundation or supporting your posts on concrete bases, the extra work will pay off in the end.
  • Another aspect is moisture: as termites need fresh water make sure moisture does not accumulate near the foundation. Invest in quality faucets and pipes and check them regularly for leaks, examine gutters and drainage systems and slope the ground next to your foundation so that water flows away from your home.  Also make sure there is no excess humidity in crawl spaces. Place vents or use polyethylene sheeting for this purpose.
  • Consider the fact that fire wood, lumber or any other wooden material also needs to be properly looked after, this means no storing against the foundation or in moist places. Always make sure that possible entry ways to the home are free of all wooden material.
  • I would strongly recommend that you have the structure treated by professional experts who can also determine the cost of termite treatment.  It is true that you will have your go at securing your home to the best of your ability but an experienced eye will pick up on hidden natural openings in your house that termites can use. Using a termiticide is also a measure you might consider since this is the best way to prevent your home from being infested in the first place. And since most firms perform inspections with no additional charge, having your home inspected or even maintaining a warranty by paying yearly renewal fees might go a long way.

So take your time when building your home and make sure to take all things into consideration, as prevention is much easier than treatment: and with termites believe me, this saying it’s worth its weight in gold. You might find the initial cost unjustifiable but when friends or neighbors will have termite infested homes you will understand the necessity of this step.


Anna Robeson is an online entrepreneur and freelance writer who tackles many subjects like technology, health, lifestyle and architecture. She has recently built a wooden house, and has had the unpleasantness of dealing with termites. She considers that the cost of termite treatment is 100% justifiable when it comes to protecting her home environment.