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Top Mistakes that Buyers Make When Viewing Houses

Before buying a home, buyers prefer to view them. This is a good practice since it will mean that you can see the inside and get an idea of the size. It gives you a chance to determine whether you could see yourself living there. However, there are some mistakes that all buyers do when they look around a home. Make sure you stop them so you can find a home that you are happy with and is worth your money.

Looking at the Decor and Not the House

Too many people focus on the decorations and furnishings in the home instead of the house. A great home can look mediocre when certain furnishings are placed in them and vice versa. This may lead to spending more than the home’s true worth or leaving a property that could turn out to be your dream home. So, rather than concentrating on the way the current owner has it, look at the house and pay attention to detail.

Make sure you look for any cracks in the walls or water damage. These can easily be covered with furnishings and the seller is hoping that you miss them. Look around the home and don’t worry about if the paint job makes a room look small. Consider the dimensions and if it works, remember that you can repaint it in a way to brighten up the room.

Underestimating the Work

There is bound to be some work that needs doing to a home before you can fully move in. Some lucky people will be able to get away with just repainting the walls and laying their own carpets while others will need do some rewiring, re-plastering and other work that takes hours and costs large amounts of money. It depends on the reason for buying the home.

A common mistake is not estimating the time it will take or the cost that is will be for all the work. Make sure you make notes while looking around and ask if you can take some photos. This will give you the chance to get home and research the amount it will set you back. This helps to negotiate a better price for the house or talk the seller into paying for the work before you move in. There is nothing wrong with lowering your offer because it will cost more to repair problems that the seller has caused.

Bringing Children and Pets

Whether you have arranged a specific time or are attending an open house, try leaving the pets and children at home. The sellers do not want your toddler or puppy wandering around the house, making a mess and potentially damaging things. This leads to them having to lower their asking price because potential buyers have more work cut out.

If you do have to take them along with you, consider leaving pets in the car and keep children close by. This will prevent any problems. The sellers will remember who you are and that you were the person with the pet or child; and it won’t necessarily be a good thing!

When you look around for houses, make sure you follow the tips to avoid the common mistakes of buyers. You want to find a house that is worth your money and you could see yourself living in. The less work after purchasing, the better it is – financially and time-wise.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Isabel Allende, a real estate agent. She has helped many people find houses for sale in Havelock NC and make sure they know all the work cut out for them after buying.