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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Investing in Overseas Property

Investing in an overseas property may well be a good way of making money within an area currently experiencing positive market trends, and a high demand for rental properties, however this is not always the case. While investing abroad may appear rather glamorous and straightforward, there are many pitfalls into which uninformed investors may fall if they have failed to do their research. Investing in real estate overseas should be done with caution and patience, looking out for individuals with a vested interest in a quick sale, and making use of a trustworthy and expert lawyer to assist with fact checking and contract review. Consider carefully answers to the five questions below before you make the final decision to invest overseas.

1. Why do you wish to invest overseas?

Think carefully about your reasons for investing overseas. Are you planning to make a profit? Are rental properties in demand in the area you are planning to invest? Or are you simply investing in order to have permanent access to a holiday home? Make sure your reasons make sense, and that the property you are planning to buy has potential of being profitable. Research the area before hand in order to ensure that you are not simply investing on a whim, and make sure you do some serious research before committing to buy.

2. What are the associated travel costs?

There are many reasons why you may need or wish to return to your overseas property in time. These reasons may include renter-related issues, maintenance work or even a local court case. You must consider whether you have the finances available to travel to the destination on a regular basis. If you do not, you may end up using all your profits for travel costs.

3. Are you being realistic?

It is very easy to get caught up in the gloss and glamour of advertisements and smooth salesmen, so it is very important you remain realistic about the property and its moneymaking potential. As previously stated, doing your own research and taking the advice of a qualified lawyer is extremely important and a good way of avoiding being duped. This may also include talking to locals and researching any potential weakening factors including nearby railway lines and under construction roads that may compromise rental potential.

4. Is the market viable?

Another factor to consider is whether the market of the country in which you wish to invest is viable or not. In other words, will renting the property be easy, and is there a high demand for rental properties in the area? Researching the number of houses for sale in the neighbourhood, and talking to local property agents should give you a good idea of whether or not the local market is conducive to profit. Remember that an empty house will only lose money, so try to avoid this situation at all costs.

5. Does the property have profit potential?

When choosing a property, it is important to consider carefully its moneymaking potential. If you wish to make a profit on your investment, it is worth considering purchasing a property that involves a low level of maintenance, and incurs minimal running costs.

The most important thing to remember when investing overseas is to be patient. Purchasing a property overseas is a serious investment that merits time and thorough research. Make sure that you take the advice of an expert lawyer and ensure that you have answered all of the questions above before proceeding with an investment of this type. Though it may be a wise move, an overseas property investment is not a guarantee of making money quickly and easily, so your decision to invest should not be taken lightly. Start your search today by browsing through free classified ads of apartments online, to see what are the real prices of different properties in different locations.

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