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6 Steps to Make Sure a Bathroom Renovation Project Is Well-Planned

A local Letting agents in Fulham has learned that in order to plan a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom, you will need to take a range of design and practical aspects into consideration. By learning the latest trends in bathroom designs and choosing those design features that are able to fall within your budget, you are often able to create a dream bathroom which can be installed 10 to 14 days.

Here are some of the main steps that are involved in planning a bathroom renovation:

1) Plan a schedule of work

In the process of undertaking the bathroom renovation project your will need to consider a range of jobs that are likely to take place like the need to demolish or remove the old bathroom fixtures and fittings. Also, you will have a need to work on the drywall, flooring, plumbing, and carpentry. One job that will need a high level of skill is that of the tiling and this can take several days to complete to a high standard. Other areas of the project, such as the electrical work, insulation, and installing fixtures and companies, often require a day each to complete.

2) Create a basic sketch

In order to be more efficient in planning your bathroom renovation, it will be highly beneficial if you’re able to draw a sketch to indicate the exact areas where you might want to position mirrors, lighting, shelve units, cabinets, etc. If this is going to be a sketch that you’ll be relying on in an attempt to self renovated bathroom, it will need to be highly accurate with complete measurements. But if you are intending on hiring the services of a contractor like Bathroom Remodeling Scottsdale, the sketch can be left rough and act more as a guide of the work required.

3) Put in place contingency plan

In the event that an aspect of the renovation takes longer than expected, you really want to make certain that you allow one or two days extra which can allow for any difficulties that might arise.

4) Planning the bathroom to match the needs of the household

In the planning stages of renovating the bathroom, you want to make the space as functional as possible, therefore the design should relate to the size of the family and how it might be used. You might want to look at including dual-sinks for more efficient use of the mornings, which should help to avoid such a rush.

5) Install sufficient storage space

If you want to make certain that the renovated bathroom remains free of clutter and clean, installing sufficient storage space for all the grooming products, toiletries, cleaning products, etc that are likely to build-up in the bathroom. By installing the right amount of cabinets it is a far-sight easier to keep everything organized and smart.

6) Color scheme

A significant aspect that relates to whether a bathroom remodel is likely to work relates to the chosen color scheme, wallpaper and tiling. Light shades, from grays to off-whites are ideal for those that are looking to create a more sterile, sleek appearance, whereas for those wishing to inject more life, rich colors like lavender and reds are highly desired.

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