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Dry Panama Hats and Wet Bucket Hats

Panama hats are the best hats ever made and taquillia palm leaves or straw which light like a feather is used in these hats. It is stylish with any attire and makes one cool on a fresh sunny day. These hats are considered to be elegant, fashionable, sophisticated and luxurious. Good and genuine panama hats are made in Ecuador. They acquired this name because they are commercialized in panama.

Panama hats are available in two varieties namely Montechristi and Cuenca Panama hat. They are made of finest straw of the palm tree and are usually bleached or tinted beige. They are of good quality with affordable price. These hats cannot be exposed to the rain and contaminated water. The straw needs humidity and if these hats are left in direct sunlight for a longer time, it may become too dry and breakable with time.

Bucket hats or fishing hat is worn by men, women and kids who go fishing. This type of hat is a soft cotton hat with a wide sloping brim which provides shade from the sunlight and heat. It is made from soft nylon or cotton and 100% nylon which have a water shedding finish that can protect from rain and 50+ UPF sun rays. They can be rolled into its’ own small pocket and can be recycled. Bucket hat is made with easy drying, light weight and easy care fabric and time tested.