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Real Estate Natural Hazards- Something Which Cannot Not Be Prevented Completely

Real estate includes lands and everything related to them. Before real estate is acquired, lots of processes are followed in order to achieve optimal results. Real estate can be acquired by descent methods, purchases and gifts. Laid down processes are usually followed no matter what the methods of acquisition are. In the sale of real estates, the seller issues a deed to the buyer. The deed contains legal descriptions and vital information about the real estate property. Transferring real estate by descent happens when the owner dies and leaves no will on the property. In this case, it is passed automatically by descent. Real estate can also be transferred by will in the form of gift and vice versa.

Natural Hazards Associated with Real Estates

The legal procedures do not necessarily complete all the formalities associated with the process. Sometimes, you need to impress the nature as well. Easily said than done, this actually is something which is beyond control of any human being. There are many natural hazards accompanied with real estates. Natural hazards are those natural menaces that happen in the environment. When any natural hazard becomes disastrous and takes the life of people, it is then termed under natural disasters.

Let’s take a quick glance on the possible natural disasters.


Flooding is a popular natural hazard that often encourages mass destruction. This natural hazard chases people away from their real estate properties and consequently renders them homeless. The recent flood case in Nigeria almost completely claimed the cities of Bayelsa and Omoku in the country. Many houses, lands and properties were covered by this hazard and therefore these cities were radically depopulated. Flood is a very disastrous natural hazard and also tricky to control. It can break any form of obstacle posed with a purport to impede its flow. Flood can however be controlled by building dams and reservoirs on head water that leads to main rivers.


The word “earthquake” is derived from a Greek rendering “seismos” which simply means “shaking”. It occurs when energy within the ground builds up to a critical level and therefore is released off. The release of this energy occurs in the form of shocks or quakes. Earthquake is a ruinous natural hazard that claims lots of lives. Whenever this natural hazard occurs, lots of buildings, properties and lives are destroyed but the extent of destruction usually depends on its severity measured on the Richter scale. Earthquake causes tsunami which is also very disastrous. This natural disaster also results in flood which in itself is dangerous. Lots of diseases and land shakings also occur as a result of earthquake. This natural hazard destroys real estates and often times, buries houses into the ground. Seismologists should therefore be invited to survey the ground before any building construction takes place in a real estate property.


Tornados proceed from thunderstorms and may sweep houses down from their foundations. This natural disaster or hazard destroys real estates and their inhabitants. According to studies made by meteorologists, you can protect yourself from Tornado. This natural hazard normally throws a warning before it takes place. Therefore once the warning is heard, protection should be made to forestall its adverse effects. Tall buildings and sky creepers are most vulnerable to this natural disaster, therefore you should vacate from such places on perceiving the warning. Mobile phones are known to attract Tornados; hence you should do away with them after the warning has been issued.

Though natural hazards cannot be prevented in this world of rampant technological breakthroughs, only necessary precautions can help you to curtail their effects.

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Yanna is full-time into charity and a responsible name when the concern is to help the poor and needy in the society. She educates people on which conditions they can avail the services of the natural hazard direct and take instant care of the hostile circumstances.