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Tips to Safeguard Your Property When You Are Away

Whether you own a house and live in it or rent it out to others, safeguarding a property is important. There are many thieves who will attack during the holiday season due to knowing many homes will be empty but they may also watch to check when there are tenants in the home or when people usually leave. There are some simple steps that you can do to look after your home whenever there is nobody in.

Install with a Good Security System

Spending a little extra on a security system will benefit you in more ways than safeguarding while your home is empty; it will also help to lower your home insurance. Homes with security systems are less likely to be broken into since the thieves do not want to get caught. This could be a simple alarm system that will wake the neighborhood or one that is attached to a monitoring company.

Alarm systems connected to monitoring companies will cost more as you need to pay a monthly fee for the monitoring. However, these offer more protection as the thieves are more likely to be caught and fewer things – if anything – will be stolen or broken. The alarms trigger an alert at the data monitoring center so that they can contact the emergency services or contact you so they can check if it is a false alarm. Many of these alarms are silent in the home, which means that the burglar has no idea that they have been caught until it is too late for them.

Put Electronics on Timers

While you may want to save money on electricity while you are away, having a dark house on a night is a tell-tale sign that it is empty. Set the lights so that they switch on through a timer. This gives the look as if there is someone in the property and will mean that someone is less likely to break in. This will not stop all break ins though as there will be some who monitor homes and see the system in place.

Talk to a Neighbor You Trust

If you have a neighbor you can trust or a friend who lives close by, you could talk to them about checking in on your house while it is empty. They can go in and make it look like someone is at home every now and then. Also, ask them to remove any mail to avoid it piling up as this is a tell-tale sign that the property is empty. This instantly deters thieves from breaking in as they will not believe that there is an empty home.

As a landlord, you should check on your property or ask your agent to do it on a regular basis. This will make sure that there are no broken windows or ways in for thieves and that there is nothing damaged. You will also be able to make sure it remains watertight to protect from any flooding damage, especially during the winter seasons.

Hire Someone to Care for the Garden

Having an overgrown lawn or snow covered driveway indicates that there is no one in the home. If you cannot ask someone to do it for you, hire a professional. This will also help to keep your property in a decent state for when you return so there is very little work that you have to do.

Looking after your home when it is empty is extremely important. Whether you are just going away for a couple of days or the rental is empty for a prolonged time, you need to make it look like someone is at home. This will help to avoid break-ins and having to suffer the loss.

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