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A Fast House Sale Is Your First Wish

The reason doesn’t matter; once you decide to move it needs to be yesterday. There are few reasons why you want to hang around once you’ve decided. The future is now. In practice the sale will not be immediate; it is not like you’re taking something to a buyer and getting cash over the counter.

It is not as difficult as you think however to get moving. At times when the housing market is buoyant estate agents actually have lists of people wanting to buy property and the means to do so. They desperately need more property. That is not the scenario of 2013.

Difficult market

The market has been difficult for a few years and a quick sale needs a great deal of good fortune through the normal agency channels.  There is simply too much property on the market and insufficient people wanting to buy. Even some of those that want to buy are unable to do so because of the increasingly strict lending criteria.

It doesn’t make good reading!

New alternative

All is not lost. There is a new breed of buyer, one that sees the growing potential of a property portfolio for rent precisely because so many people are finding it difficult to buy because they have insufficient deposit to get a mortgage.

Such a buyer can be found online by asking search engines such as Google or Bing for more information.  You may want to include your location in a search but there is demand throughout the UK for property so finding a nationwide buyer is likely to be sufficient; just make sure you find a good one.

The beauty of the use of the Internet is that companies use their websites to market themselves and that means they include comprehensive information on them so that visitors are persuaded to absorb information, consider it and act. You should be able to get a feeling from a good website that you will get a good service.

Contact when you’re ready

There is no compulsion to make contact until you are ready but once you do the process can be very quick if that is what you require.

Someone will come to value your property and shortly afterwards you will receive what is effectively a cash offer with no agent, legal or valuation fees to pay. Property value has always varied from region to region and there will be an extra factor in your case because rental demand in the region will be a consideration.

It’s entirely up to you

You don’t have to agree to sell if you don’t like the price. There will be many things to consider. However, if cash in hand within a couple of weeks allows you to move forward, whatever your reason for selling, then you may have the answer to your problem.

The timescale using an estate agent is likely to be several months if at all. When you sell your house, you want it done fast; it makes no sense not to. You can be on the move well within a month from making contact with the right company.