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A quick house sale is the best way forward

Once you make a decision, you want it to be implemented. It can be a decision to change jobs, a decision at work that you want the staff to act upon immediately or perhaps a decision to sell your house for whatever reason. Any delay can be frustrating in any of these scenarios.


The best type of house sale is a quick one.

Traditional sale routes

In terms of selling your house it can be easier said than done. Sales require buyers and buyers who have the means of financing the deal. That has become more difficult as mortgage lenders have adopted stricter criteria because of the problems of repossession and negative equity in recent years.

They are looking for buyers to have a larger deposit to invest in the property as their shield against financing a house purchase where there is any significant danger of negative equity in the future. There is latent demand in the market but there is still nothing like a guarantee that you will be able to sell your home through the traditional channels of an estate agent in months, never mind weeks.

Internet search

Well, what do you think of an option where you can sell your house in little over two weeks? I thought that would capture your attention. It is possible because there are companies that are building up their property portfolios precisely because they have seen the growth in the rental market in the UK.  Rental demand is likely to remain, if only because people are struggling to find that sizeable deposit just alluded to.

You can find a company online; the search engines will help. If you read through their website and see the procedure they describe, you can sell very quickly. The price you are offered after the valuation has been done will vary from region to region, but then there have always been property value differences by region in the UK.

Selling because…

There may be many reasons why you are selling:

  • You have seen a bigger house that you feel you can get at a bargain price. In that case your response to the valuation may be balancing any reduced offer on yours with the saving you will make on your purchase.
  • You may be in financial difficulty and struggling to pay the monthly mortgage. You can sell and at least stop future payments and then tackle any residual problems.
  • You may be divorcing and want to move on. A quick sale allows you to do it.

No obligation

It will cost you nothing to make contact and get a valuation. You may have questions even before you ask for someone to call to do the valuation. If you are satisfied with what you hear and get a valuation you could be on the move in no time with the cash in your pocket ready to get on with the next part of your life.

The best type of house sale is a quick one. You have decided to sell because you are looking to change things in your life. The change ideally should be as soon as possible in almost all circumstances so contact Excel Estate Agency.