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Getting Clients for Your Legal Firm

As a solo attorney or small legal firm, your success depends heavily on the referrals coming in from your clients. Yes, you can advertise and gain new jobs in this manner but the easiest way to bring in extra cash is to improve your reputation and thus boost your chances of recommendations by those who know how you work. If you are struggling along, here are a few methods that you can use to bring in additional clients to your own personal firm.

Specialisation Is Key

First, it is important that you differentiate yourself from the competition. An easy way to do this is to specialise in a particular legal field. After all, those who provide general services won’t know any one topic in as much depth as you do. Thus, you can elevate yourself above the other legal firms in your area by:

  • Offering clients accurate, useful counsel on one particular law topic
  • Providing better service than someone who merely dabbles in your field
  • Promising more of your time as you deal with each case more efficiently
  • Supply valuable advice and guidance that cannot be found elsewhere

By taking the time out to differentiate yourself from other legal firms, you will then make yourself more attractive to clients looking for high quality, useful advice in your particular field.

The Client’s Decisions

When meeting an individual who might need your services, make sure to let them know that cheap is not always the best choice (especially in the legal field). If they’re paying a pittance for legal advice, there is a high chance that they will get substandard service as a result. While the decision rests with them, they should opt for a lawyer who is slightly more expensive who they can they rely on for good advice. This is the same reason why They have done the marketing and told people that saving some money initially can result in much higher costs later on. In the same vein, you should tell your clients that shoddy, yet affordable legal advice can result in massive losses in the future.

Staying Social

If you have already built up a contact list, make an effort to meet them on a regular basis. By inviting your past clients out to lunch or dinner, you can show them that you still care about them while simultaneously reminding them of your services. This is a great way to keep at the forefront of their minds. After all, it is much easier to retain the custom of someone you have helped in the past than try and convince someone new that you are the legal advisor they need. With the cost of a nice meal, you might have some new work to keep you occupied and paid in the future.

Monthly Greetings

If you can’t actually meet up with clients in person, you can send them a greeting card each month to wish them well. This is possible (and not too obviously promotional) by the fact that each month generally has a special holiday that you can mention. Wish your clients well and remind them that you are there to assist them with any legal matters regardless of whether it is Easter, New Year’s or Halloween. Also make sure that these cards are kept personal, so your old clients really know you are thinking about them. Greeting cards are also quite cheap, giving you a fun yet different way of advertising yourself to past clients and hopefully reminding them of how you can assist them.


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