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Popular Carpet Types for 2013

Renovating your home can be an exciting experience. After all, you’re going to remodel your old place and introduce new design ideas to your home. You’ll have a fresh start. The difficult part is that you have to make important decisions regarding paint colours, furniture design and even possibly a new layout for your home. Another equally vital, yet under appreciated aspect of most home improvement projects is flooring.

Flooring is so important to your project. It’s a basic building block for any home interior. Get it wrong and all your efforts to achieve an impressive result will be in vain. More specifically, carpets can be used either as a neutral background for your home interior or as a bold visual point that plays a leading role in your home. However, shopping for a carpet is not an easy task. With so many types, patterns and styles, able to satisfy even the most picky customers, many people are overwhelmed by the availability of options.

Researching advantages and drawbacks to shop around is time consuming. So, take advantage of this handy guide that brings to you facts about carpet fibers and types.

Four Primary Carpet Fibres

  1. NylonToday Nylon is the most popular fibre used in the production of millions square feet of carpet every year. It’s a synthetic product renown for its durability. Probably the best choice for high traffic areas.
  2. PolyesterAnother synthetic fibre also popular for its durability and resistance to wear. Plus it offers stain and fade resistance. Recent developments have allowed for the make of fibres from recycled plastic bottles. Contrary to logic, the fabric is soft to the touch.
  3. OlefinIt’s the price champion among synthetic fibres. The lowest in price, yet stain resistant and UV protected. Finds application for both indoor and outdoor carpets.
  4. WoolA natural fibre that is the premier carpet fibre alongside silk. All wool carpets are state of the art. Durable yet soft and luxurious, wool carpets are expensive.

Two Main Types

  • Cut Pile
  • Highly durable, this type is made when the loops are cut. The most popular styles are:
  1. Plush – its smooth finish provides a formal look.
  2. Saxony – Popular style among homeowners it has smooth touch with twisted fibres.
  3. Frieze – With slightly longer fibres, frieze carpets hide footprints easily. It appearance is suitable for more informal set.
  • Loop Pile
  • As its name suggests loop pile carpets don’t have their loops cut. Thus they are more durable in construction.
  1. Berber – Packed with short looped pile, berber carpets are perfect for high traffic areas.
  2. Multi-level Loop – This carpet is made of loops with different height to create beautiful patterns and texture.
  3. Cut and Loop – A combination of cut and loop pile fibres. This mixture introduces some nice patterns and textured appeal.

Armed with this comprehensive carpet guide, you will be able to make the proper decision regarding your home carpeting. Don’t hesitate to add ideas, generated by you through trial and error. Next time you can help a friend in need. Why not even publish a book? So many people are doing it today on Amazon and similar platforms?

This informative guide is written and provided on behalf of All Carpets Cleaned, London based home and commercial carpet cleaning company.