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15 Top Tips If You Want To Learn To Type.

Tip No. 1: 640-803 It’s best to keep your wrists flat against the keyboard rather than arched. If you have an adjustable keyboard set it up with this in mind.

Tip No. 2: With your feet planted firmly and flat on the floor ensure you are sitting in the correct upright posture.

Tip No.3:640-822 Adjusting your monitor so that it is about eye level prevents you from craning your neck and helps you to keep your posture as you learn to type.

Tip No. 4: If you have just started to learn to type, focus first on using correct keystrokes. Even if it feels strange being accurate is more important, speed comes with practice.

Tip No. 5: Rather than striking the keyboard as hard as possible use gentle and precise strokes.

Tip No. 6: Don’t run before you can walk. Speed is great but don’t push yourself to go faster than you can. You’ll only end up making mistakes that you have to go back and correct, which isn’t very efficient.

Tip No. 7: Most keyboards have small bumps on the “J” and the “F” key to help you find them as you learn to type. Practice letting your fingers find them without looking.

Tip No. 8: Just like practicing a sport or a musical instrument you will learn to type fastest if you practice regularly. Keeping to a schedule where you sit down three or four times a week for half an hour or so at a time is a far better training technique than trying to pack it all into one several hour long sitting then not coming back to it for days.

Tip No. 9: When you’ve gotten used to the placement of the keys practice typing without looking at the keyboard. It’s much faster to type without looking at the keyboard. Let your fingers find their way.

Tip No. 10: Using the opposite hand to press the Shift key from the one hitting the key you are capitalizing is much better than using the same hand. For instance if you are capitalizing the letter “G” you should use the right Shift key since you use the left hand to press “G”.

Tip No. 11: If you make a mistake don’t correct it right away. It’s not efficient and slows down your typing. It’s much better to go back at the end and make all your corrections at once. This way you are typing continuously, you will learn to type faster and hopefully make less mistakes in the first place.

Tip No. 12: The internet is a great source of programs and games designed to help you learn to type and even calculate your typing speed.

Tip No. 13: When you are ready a dedicated training course can help you learn to type at professional speeds.

Tip No. 14: Focus on what you are copying from rather than the keyboard or the monitor. Reading it out as you type it can sometimes be helpful.

Tip No. 15: Try to find your rhythm. Once you develop a rhythm typing starts to feel natural. If you can type with a rhythm you are less likely to think too much about what key you are pressing which is what causes most people to make mistakes when they learn to type.