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Benefits Of Getting Pre School Education In The City Of Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a city situated on the plains to the East of Sabarmati. Formerly known as “Karnavati” the Solanki Ruler Karandev, it was only when Sultan Ahmed Shah conquered Karnavati, in 1411 that its name Karnavati was renamed to Ahmedabad. In 1818 the British East India Company took over the administration of Ahmedbad and established the Municipality Committee and the Railway link. Little did they know that years later in

1915 their adversary Mahatma Gandhi would came from South Africa and establish his Ashram on the banks of the river Sabarmati.

Today, Ahmedabad is a modern city rated for being the fastest growing city in India by Forbes magazine. A fast developing educational destination, 640-875 is also known for its traditional style of imparting education. Most of the educational Institutes in Ahmedabad are committed to preserving the cultural traditions of India by offering wisdom and knowledge through the Guru-Shishya parampara which focused on the development of skills in a child inorder to be able to suggest a child the course to be pursued.

These schools are unlike our modern schools where children decide what they want to do. On the contrary children are trained to enter a profession that is in line with their innate skill, which a guru develops and brings to the surface from deep within. Now a number of vocational schools have cropped up which also focus on the development of specific skills, but are limited in their view in comparison to the traditional schools that help the child learn a skill as well to earn a living as well, apart from the usual academic subjects. In-fact over the years, a number of educational institutes have sprung up so fast, that Ahmedabad is now the next major I.T destination in the making gearing students to turn into becoming computer proficient employees ready to compete on a global level.

Ahmedabad has a number of Montessori, play schools and day care centers or crèche’s 640-760 responsible for training toddlers into formal education. Some of the reputed schools in Ahmadabad are as follows: Euro Kids Sunsmile Play School, Baby Land Kider Garten which offers safe, clean, healthy and caring environment to the kids, Kidsland Kindergarten Chubby Cheeks Play School which offers crèches and babysitting services, Mothers Pet Child Care Centre, Harmony Play School & Nursery, DAV Kids, Tulsi Play Group Nursery, Jack And Jill Play Group Kids Home and Euro Kids.