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News About End Of The World

21st December 2012 is probably the most dreaded day of the modern world. This is because of the fact that it is believed that on this day the world as we know it today will come to an end. Some major catastrophic events on the global level are supposed to be the trigger for this mass destruction. Scriptures of The Bible say that there would be a great war in the middle east which will bring about this destruction. They also state that something so deadly will happen that will cause the bones to melt and the flesh to burn. But this ‘event’ stated above can be inferred as the holocaust caused by the atom bombs in Japan or something similar that might happen in future. The condition of severe cold and utter starvation will prevail without any kind of shelter, as is written in the Book of Revelations.

In the Mesoamerican long count calendar, the date 21st December 2012 is the end point of the cycle of the calendar. This cycle is supposed to be 5125 years long. The people who are not with this end of the world notion have different interpretation of this last day of the calendar. They say that after this day there will be a new beginning and a physical and spiritual transformation will take place on earth and its inhabitants. For those who are pro to the notion, they support one of the many theories that predict the dooms day. One such popular theory is that a mysterious planet called 642-902will collide with our planet earth which will result in destruction of the planet, and thereby causing the end of the world. Another more popular theory is that by 2012, the solar activity will increase many times its present state. Sun spots will enlarge, massive solar flares will erupt and due to this huge amounts of radiation will fall on earth increasing the temperatures of the planet by several degrees and thus destroying the whole living world. Apart from these, Nostradmus, the most famous and the most accurate soothsayers of all times whose predictions have been right many times has predicted the end of the world in 2012.

Putting apart the predictions and the theories about the date of the dooms day. There are several natural indications towards it also. The recent past has 642-813us that the no. of natural calamities have increased many times. Earthquakes have become frequent. All over the world, countries and regions are famine and drought struck. There is continuity in the shifting of the magnetic poles of our planet which is causing severe changes in the climate at the global level. The ice caps are melting because of this shifting which has resulted in the rise in the sea level. The magma activity beneath the surface of the earth has enhanced resulting in the shifting in the tectonic plates. But there are positive predictions also like that of Guru Kalki Bhagwan in India who says the day marks the end of evil and the beginning of the enlightenment of the humans.