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The Ratio Of Math Lovers In Schools

One of the things for which I eagerly awaited for right from the time I entered my life was the day I would complete my class X boards. It was not because I was not inclined to studies. It was just that I never liked the subject Mathematics. I tried hard to understand the subject but always failed to accomplish my goal. I still don’t understand what is there in the subject that always went over my head. The numbers used to give me pain.

I was tortured from my kindergarten days to class X. But, there was a group of students in my class who were not only fond of the subject but were mad about it. According to them, Mathematic 642-874 was their favorite subject and they used to plan their higher studies with the subject. Seeing my weakness in the subject, My Math teacher asked me to go through the entire background of the subject. I did the same and found that the subject was not that boring as I took it to be.

Mathematics is basically the study of space, quantity, structure and change. Mathematic has been derived from the Greek word ‘mathema’ which means to learn. Whereas, in ancient Greek it means “what one learns, what one gets to know” but in Modern Greek it means “lesson”. In Latin, mathematica means “the mathematical art”. The meaning of Mathematics has also been used as ‘astrology or astronomy’ many times by the Latin and English till around 1700. But from 1800 onwards it has gradually started changing to its present meaning.

Mathematics is also popularly called as Math in short. The evolution of mathematics is seen as the growth of the subject. Prehistoric people used to count days, months, years and seasons, using Math. Earlier, people used to use Math for land measurement, trading, painting and weaving patterns and also recording of time. After the end of 3000 BC the Babylonians and Egyptians started using algebra, geometry and arithmetic for financial calculations for construction or astronomy. Between 600 and 300 BC, 642-902 Ancient Greeks started the systematic study of the subject. Until the 16th century, many of the mathematical notations that are used by today’s mathematicians were not in use then. Many of the notations that are in use today were made by Euler. As compared to the notations that were used by Mathematicians previously, the modern notations are far easier. Moreover, the recent formulas of the subject have made it simpler than before. Now, the symbols carry a lot of meaning and information.

Math is basically about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. People often call Mathematics a science subject but Karl Popper argued that mathematics was not a science because it was not experimentally verifiable. Mathematics is used in every field be it engineering, natural science, medicine or even social science. Though I was convinced with the fact that surviving without math is tough especially when you step out of your home it still was not my cup of it. My heart tried to like the subject but my brain couldn’t accept it. And, it used to embarrass me when my pals used to talk about their high scored marks in the exams because I was not good enough to score high in this subject.